Thrivory is Proud to Welcome Infusion Health as a Partner!

by | Jun 13, 2024 | Thrivory News

Thrivory welcomes Infusion Health

We are excited to share the news of our new partnership with Infusion Health! Thrivory is
pleased to support this innovative Michigan-based provider of vital infusion therapies.

Helping Infusion Health Get Paid Faster for Complex Therapies

Infusion Health specializes in delivering life-changing treatments for a range of complex
conditions. However, securing timely reimbursements for these often high-cost medications and
complex therapies can be a significant challenge. This is where Thrivory steps in.

Our unique risk-free capital solutions bridge the gap between delivering treatment and receiving
payment. This ensures Infusion Health has the financial resources readily available to procure
the necessary medications, ultimately allowing them to prioritize patient care without cash flow

“At Infusion Health, with our rapid expansion, we struggled with terms related to alternative financing options. Their sky-high rates made them cost-prohibitive, it felt like they weren’t interested in our success, and that they didn’t understand healthcare. Then we found Thrivory. They were a breath of fresh air! Not only did they assist us in breaking free from high-cost financing that was a drain on our cash flow, but they also devised a creative solution to address our specific ongoing needs. Thrivory truly understands the healthcare landscape and what it takes to thrive in this competitive environment. They’ve been a fantastic partner in helping us achieve our financial goals. We can’t recommend them enough!”

Sherri Parson, CEO

Fueling Growth Across Michigan

Infusion Health has ambitious plans to expand its reach and serve more communities across
Michigan. Thrivory’s flexible funding options empower them to invest in growth initiatives, such
as opening new locations or acquiring cutting-edge equipment.

A Shared Commitment to Patient Care

We at Thrivory are inspired by Infusion Health’s dedication to providing exceptional patient care.
By ensuring they have the financial stability they deserve, we’re enabling them to focus on what
matters most – delivering life-saving treatments and improving patient outcomes.

“At Thrivory, we believe in the power of collaboration to fuel growth. Infusion Health’s dedication to expanding access to vital treatments in Michigan perfectly aligns with our mission. As Sherri Parson mentions, our flexible funding empowers their ambitious plans. We’re excited to be part of their journey and see the positive impact they’ll have on the state’s healthcare landscape.”

Patrick LaVoie, Co-Founder and CEO

Looking to the Future

This partnership marks the beginning of an exciting journey for both Thrivory and Infusion
Health. We’re confident that together, we’ll empower Infusion Health to achieve its full potential
and make a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape in Michigan.

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