Streamlining Cash Flow for Medical Practices

by | Jun 4, 2024 | Practice Operations

Thrivory vs Traditional Financing

Consistent cash flow is vital for medical practices. However, the slow and unpredictable claims reimbursement process can disrupt finances, creating a constant cash flow squeeze. This blog post explores how Thrivory can help your practice bridge the gap and compares Thrivory to traditional financing options like Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs), Traditional Factoring, and Bank Lines of Credit.

The Cash Flow Crunch

Medical practices extend credit to patients, but waiting weeks or even months for insurance reimbursements can strangle your cash flow. This delay can hinder your ability to:

  • Meet payroll
  • Pay suppliers
  • Invest in equipment and growth initiatives

Traditional Financing: A Double-Edged Sword

Many financing options exist, but they often come with hidden costs and limitations:

  • Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs): These are expensive solutions with sky high effective APRs. They strain cash flow with daily or weekly repayments and don’t address the root cause of slow paying insurers, which makes them a temporary fix, not a long-term solution.
  • Traditional Factoring: Factoring companies lock you into long-term contracts with hefty termination fees if you want to leave early. These contracts can also allow for stacking fees, making the overall cost significantly higher than initially presented.
  • Bank Lines of Credit: Banks can be inflexible and require high upfront fees, even for unsuccessful applications. They impose strict covenants that limit your use of funds and require extensive financial reporting.

 Thrivory vs Traditional Financing: A Clear Advantage

Thrivory offers a unique alternative to traditional financing, designed specifically for medical practices. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Faster Funding: Get the cash you need within 3-5 days through our streamlined application process, with immediate access once approved.
  • Transparent Rates: Unlike MCAs, Thrivory has a flat fee, so you know exactly what you’ll pay upfront.
  • Flexible Repayments: Our repayments are based on when your practice receives reimbursement from the payor, so you only pay when you get paid.
  • Improved Profitability: Free up cash flow to invest in growth and improve your bottom line.
  • Focus on Long-Term Success: We partner with you to identify and address the root causes of slow-paying insurers.

Thrivory’s Streamlined Credit Process: No Hoops to Jump Through

  • Simplified Underwriting: Our streamlined process focuses on your practice’s potential, not your personal credit score. Thrivory requires no credit checks and no personal guarantees.
  • Non-Recourse Option: Increase your practice’s valuation with our off-balance sheet, no-debt option for cash flow. This is in stark contrast to MCAs, which create a cycle of bad debt that can significantly reduce your practice’s valuation, hindering your ability to secure loans and making you less attractive to potential investors.

Thrivory: Your Path to Financial Freedom

Thrivory empowers medical practices to achieve financial stability and focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional patient care. Our easy application process, focus on growth potential, and funding options make Thrivory a perfect fit for medical practices looking to streamline cash flow and improve their financial health.

Contact Thrivory today to learn how we can streamline your cash flow and empower your practice to thrive!